Rehome Your Dog with PAWS

Centre County PAWS aims to help as many cats and dogs as possible. We do not euthanize animals for space, so we schedule all intakes in advance and are not a "drop-off" shelter. If you have reviewed our Rehoming Your Animal page and feel that you would like to work with PAWS on rehoming a dog, you can submit this form, call, or email us.
Please bear in mind that all dogs are behaviorally evaluated before PAWS takes ownership of any dog. Stray dogs should be held in a facility approved to accept dogs running at large, checked for a permanent identification microchip by PAWS or any local veterinarian, and advertised as found before they are surrendered. Individuals with senior dogs will be asked to have basic bloodwork done on the dog before surrender to ensure the dog is in good enough health to go through the stress of rehoming. Bloodwork is not a requirement of surrender, but is requested.

Rehoming Application Form

Owner/Caregiver's name:
Caregiver's phone number:
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Does the dog reside in Centre County? Yes    No
Dog name:
Dog sex: Male    Female
Dog age:
Spayed/neutered? Yes    No    Not sure
Currently living: Outdoors    In a kennel    With the family
Did you adopt this dog from Centre County PAWS? Yes    No
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Good with cats? 
Housebroken? Yes    No    Not sure
Crate trained? Yes    No    Not sure
Are the dog's vaccinations up to date? Yes    No    Not sure
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