Springfield - Adopted!


Bio at the Time of Adoption:

“Mama” or “Mamakin," as I called her, started out as just the pretty face peeking out at me from under the garden shed, but over the course of 2 years, a friendship evolved organically and she became my outdoor buddy. She had kittens I re-homed, she had a wound treated, was spayed, had ticks pulled off of her while she ate, had Revolution squeezed onto her neck, and would still follow me around outside while I worked. She would settle onto a fallen tree and watch me for hours, proving to be the best ever supervisor of riparian restoration projects.
"Late Fall of 2016, a new tomcat started coming around so I brought her inside to the unheated room above the garage where she not only learned about litter boxes but proved to be quite organized with them, designating one for piddling and one for pooping. Then it got really cold and I couldn’t keep my 4 kitties from sneaking in between my feet when I’d go in to visit her, so I took her to the vet in preparation for integrating them. She was awkward and timid for maybe 2 days before she learned their games and how to interact with them. She joined their chorus at feeding time and ran up the stairs as one of the herd. I could kneel over her as she ate and she would look up at me, rub her nose along my cheek, resume eating for a bite or two, then look up and rub me again, over and over. She let me trim her nails, knows immediately that you’ve switched from toy to hand and play turns to affection. She’s smart and gentle, playful and very grateful to have been pulled from a world of parasites and interloping wild male cats, coyote and fox, bitter cold, and hunger. You should get yourself some of that gratitude-you really should." : )